Success Stories

We have just embarked on our journey towards a positive change. We are confident that as we forge ahead, we will have more stories of triumphant hope to share.

Nitesh Kumar


B.Tech (Information Technology)
Vellore Institute of Technology

I want to become an IT Engineer and work in a multinational firm in a big city. My father is a serviceman at Hindalco Renukoot with limited resources to fund my higher education. At that hour of need, AWOO came to my rescue. Today I am pursuing my graduation in Information Technology and am now confident I'll be able to make my dreams come true. Two people have been the biggest influencers in my life - my father and my tuition teacher. While my teacher helped me focus on studies and improve my grades, my father was supportive in my desire to pursue higher education. Despite financial situation, our education has always been a priority for him (my sister is studying B. Pharma from BHU). After becoming financially independent, my dream is to buy a home for my parents, as our current one is my father's company quarters.



M.Tech (Chemical Engineering)
ISM, Dhanbad

My father is an Instrument Mechanic at A.B.C. (I).L, and my receiving the AWOO scholarship was one of his proudest moments. It was a big day for all of us as he was showered with praises in front of the entire unit, and was awarded the recognition by his Unit Head. He ensured that despite all hardships I got quality education and had sent me to a convent school. Education has always been a priority for me, but I was worried because I didn't want to add to my parents' burden. And so, the AWOO Foundation has given me a big reason to smile! My dream is to get good job in a reputed company, ideally in R&D - in the Chemical Industry, and excel as a professional. I also feel very sad at the state of under-privileged kids in our country and wish to do my bit for them. Lastly, I want to do all I can to continue making my parents proud.



IIM, Indore

As my father is a farmer and my sister is also a college-going student, the AWOO scholarship has come as a blessing to our family. As a kid, I wanted to be an engineer, but while studying B. Tech at B.I.T. Sindri, Dhanbad, I dreamt of studying at IIM someday. Today I'm extremely happy that I am living that dream. Thanks to this scholarship, I can focus more on my studies without worrying about its financial strain on my family. I want to be an entrepreneur someday and play a part in India's growth by creating jobs and revenues. I also wish to provide quality education to as many kids as possible; kids who are bright, but because of poverty are forced to discontinue their education and look for a job at an early age. I am also associated with Prayaas India, an NGO run by BIT Sindri students, which provides education to the poor and under-privileged children in Dhanbad.



B.Tech (Electronics & Instrumentation)
NIT, Rourkela

My father is a chargeman at Hirakud Smelter and this scholarship has relieved my parents from the stress of paying my college fees. After I cleared AIEEE, I got a seat in Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering at NIT (National Institute of Technology), Rourkela. My eager interest in automation, robotics and control systems made me choose this course and AWOO has also helped me fund my on-going projects. I develop small gazettes in robotics and embedded systems, and have won 1st prize at IIT Kharagpur's TechFest for two consecutive years. I got the Santa Jain Award for Best Product-Oriented Project in the institute and have also received the Institute Gold Medal for The Best B. Tech Project. In July 2015, I was placed in PepsiCo as an Assistant Manager. Apart from my job, I am a founder member of a summer camp that coaches aspiring students preparing for admission to IITs and NITs. My dream is to be happy – physically, financially and mentally, and help students realize their dreams too.



B.Tech (Metallurgical & Materials)
NIT, Rourkela

I want to be a successful Metallurgical Engineer with several of patents to my name. My aim in life is to develop something that no one has ever thought of. Before receiving this scholarship, I used to worry how my father, as a Senior Chargeman at Hindalco Smelter HKD, would manage to pay my engineering fees. This anxiety always played on my mind and I barely interacted with people or participated in fests. Now, thanks to the huge confidence boost the AWOO Foundation has given me, I live life in differently. I attend fests and interact with people - I have even formed teams at college and in extra-curricular activities, and have led my side to victory. My dream is to make a decent living so I may ease my father's financial burden - Seeing him work tirelessly for me makes me sad. I want to take responsibility and give him a tension-free life. Now my focus is on the final year project and getting placed in a good organisation!

Shameem Bhanu


Bachelor of Fashion Design
National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad

While in school I was always more interested in sports, dance, etc., than in academics. One day, when I was in Class 7 or 8, I went to play badminton and met a boy in his final year of B. Tech at BITS Pilani. When asked what I wanted to be when I grow up, I mentioned my desire of becoming a fashion designer. He told me about NIFT… and that's how my journey began. Getting through the entrance tests itself was daunting since I had no idea what to expect or any coaching whatsoever. Today NIFT is everything to me and I couldn't be happier. I have taken a study loan, and the AWOO scholarship has proven to be a great help in reducing the financial burden on my dad, a Senior Supervisor. He is my inspiration; he works very hard for us, and someday I want to make him very happy. My dream is to become a graphic designer or visual merchandiser, once I finish my course. My parents have always given my sister and me everything we have wanted and in return, I want to make life easier and happier for them.



BJ Medical College, Pune

I come from a small village in Maharashtra. My family's financial condition isn't stable since my father is a farmer and the erratic droughts directly impact his income. After my initial schooling years in the village, I got admission into a government school and received free education till Class XII. I got into an MBBS program in 2015 while my brother is studying Engineering. My dream of becoming a doctor took shape when I was in the 9th standard and got to read about Dr. Prakash Amte. I was inspired by his work in backward areas and since then, I've dreamt of getting into a good medical college. My parents never let us realize the financial hardship and did everything possible to make life comfortable, but I knew how difficult it would be for them to send me to medical college with no fixed income. Thanks to the AWOO scholarship, my dream is now coming true. I want to be a responsible doctor, possibly a surgeon, and serve people.



Shri Bhau Sahed Hire Govt. Medical College

My father is an electrician at Ultratech Cement and it was his childhood dream to become a doctor. Meagre resources didn't allow him to study medicine, but today two out of his three children are studying MBBS, thanks to the AWOO scholarship. While my brother and I are studying to become doctors, our younger sister has completed engineering and is now preparing to get into M. Tech. Despite all the hardship, our father has always done his best to give us all he could never have. My mother is a housewife and not educated while my father has studied till Class 10 then at ITI. However, they have both been determined to see their children go farther, especially their daughters. Presently, I am doing an internship at JJ Hospital and preparing for a PG course joint entrance exam. I want to become a Dermatologist, and at least once a week I'd like to serve those from a low socioeconomic background. I also owe it to my parents to make up for all the sacrifices they have made for us. I wish to see them lead comfortable and happy lives.



B.Tech in Information Technology
National Institute of Technology, Durgapur

For years I have dreamt of being a sought-after developer at a top software firm. My father works as an operator at Hindalco and our weak financial background puts immense pressure on him vis-à-vis our higher studies. He, however, has always tried his best not to let his economic condition come in the way of providing good education to his children. My eldest sister has done her B.A, M.A and B. Ed, while my other sister has completed B. Sc. (Maths), B. Ed, and is now pursuing her MBA. My two brothers are studying B. Com and MBA respectively. And thanks to the AWOO scholarship, I am currently pursuing B. Tech in Information Technology, which is the first step towards realizing my big dream. I have two role models - Sergey Brin, the co-founder of Google because of his innovative thinking, and my father because of his perseverance. Once I have established myself as a successful professional, I wish to take very good care of my family, and also promote education amongst youngsters, no matter what their financial circumstances.



B.Tech (Computer science and Engineering)
Dr. B R Ambedkar National Institute of Technology (NIT), Jalandhar

My father has studied till Class X and works as a labourer. At first he wasn't too concerned with my higher education, but my mum convinced him otherwise. I never thought of myself as a bright student, but thanks to my mum's constant encouragement, I went on to become the first child from my village to receive a merit position. The day I got admission in NITJ in Computer Science was a joyous one for my family, but the fees were simply unaffordable. Luckily, my maternal uncle - a doctor, came to my rescue and paid for my first semester. Once the second semester drew closer, I began worrying and that is when I was granted the AWOO scholarship. It has saved me from having to drop out. Now, I am learning C language and preparing to learn other languages like Java and Python as well. I want to be the best Software Engineer in the company I'll eventually be placed at and make a smartphone for underprivileged students. It's also my dream to buy a house for my family.



M.Sc (Applied Geophysics)
IIT, Mumbai

Being the youngest of four children, I am aware of the huge amount of pressure on my parents to fund our combined education. My father works as a Boiler Operator in Hindalco Renukoot and I didn't want my aspirations to add to his financial burden. Thanks to the AWOO scholarship, I am now able to manage my own expenses, which means a lot to both my family and me. Physics has always interested me and I took up Applied Geophysics, as it'll give me the opportunity to work on new discoveries and explore numerous scientific theories. My goal is to work in a good company and pursue my Ph.D. In my spare time, I wish to work with an NGO and educate slum children. After I become financially independent, I want to do everything I can for my parents. My father has never let us feel the burden of the hardship he faces, instead he has always motivated us to study hard and do well. I also want to take him on a holiday (as he has never travelled) and go on a road trip to Ladakh sometime too.



M.Tech Dual degree (Electrical Engineering)
IIT, Madras

The AWOO scholarship has helped me a lot in pursuing my dream without troubling my parents. Now I am able to buy course-relevant books that aren't available in the library, and also take care of my daily expenses. The scholarship has helped lessen the burden of debts on my parents. My father has done his graduation and works in a company as a worker and my mother has studied till Class XII and is a housewife. My sister is in her fourth year of MBBS. I am looking forward to becoming financially independent and then helping others become self-reliant – which is why I am considering a career in the start-up business. On a personal front, giving my family a comfortable life and taking care of them is my top priority.



Bangalore Medical College & Research Institute, Bangalore

My father is a mason with limited income, and so putting me through medical college would have simply added to his financial burden. Before I got the scholarship, my father was compelled to borrow money from his friends to pay for college, now the scholarship money is enough to take care of that. It makes me happy that my hard work has paid off for both of us. Thanks to the AWOO scholarship, I no longer have to worry about fees payment, buying medical books and my other college needs. I was to become a doctor to serve people, and help the poor and needy as well. After completing my MBBS, I want to start a clinic and begin earning, after which I'd like to get an MD to become a surgeon one day. My brother studies in Class IX and once I become financially independent, I will take care of his higher education.



B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering)
IIT, Guwahati

I come from a small village in Telangana and my father is in the agriculture business. Our family income is erratic due to the state's climatic conditions, and so getting admission into such a prestigious institute was a joyous moment, and an equally daunting one too. Thankfully, the AWOO scholarship has come to us as a huge blessing. Based on my academic scores, I was granted concession on school fees in school, concession (2013-2015) for inter and then coaching to prepare for IIT. I began practicing for IIT JEE from the 9th standard, and I was happy to clear the 2nd level for IIT. My dream is to excel in the field of Information Technology and possibly start a company of my own. I'd also like to motivate other students and help them understand the value of getting into an IIT. Once I become financially independent, after starting my own company, I look to give employment to many other deserving youngsters.